Once the land has been acquired, the next step in creating the perfect home is the refinement of all aspects of the design to ensure the plot is efficiently and tastefully used. To that end, FM Properties Realty Group has a depth of experience which is unparalleled in this industry, working with renowned architects such as arkitects to ensure the highest standards of visual and functional design are offered.

We are there at the beginning, offering advice and service that will enable you to overcome the daunting tasks which accompany projects of this nature.

Our teams of designers will render floor plans and installation blueprints that depict the smallest details of the primary infrastructure, including:

  • Obtaining authorisations and permits
  • Selecting all the materials and suppliers
  • The best orientation to control light, maximise views and enhance privacy
  • Water distribution and filtration
  • Heating, cooling and ventilation
  • Gas and electrical subsystems
  • Occupant access (ramps, wide portals or elevators)

In addition to the infrastructure, we are familiar with the technical lifestyle components of modern new homes. Therefore we can expertly oversee the installation of technology such as:

  • Wifi and data connectivity
  • Automated climate and home control systems
  • In-house intercoms
  • Home entertainment areas or complete in-house cinemas
  • Electric blinds and under floor heating
  • Indoor/heated pools
  • Gyms

Throughout this process, FM Properties Realty Group employs a strategy, which not only ensures that all the approved current specifications are met, but also that the design can easily accommodate changing technologies and lifestyles.

While a great deal of attention is rightfully focused on the house and its interior, the exterior amenities and the transformation of the land are also top priorities.

Considerations must be given to factors such as:

  • Contouring the topography for practical and aesthetic purposes, adding driveways and proper drainage
  • Installing a variety of plants to accent the area and provide sound insulation
  • Automated irrigation
  • Exterior lighting arrays
  • Positioning cameras, electronic gates, communication systems and alarms
  • Adding an outdoor pool, spa, hot tub or fountains

Our close working relationships with landscapers and other exterior professionals has essentially made them extensions of our own in-house team. They too will provide the same focused attention to detail, which will assure that these and other peripheral projects are accomplished to your exact specifications, on budget and on time.

The overall objective of our partnership with you is to jointly oversee the creation of a home that is harmoniously functional, architecturally impressive, solid in its market value and is the ultimate private oasis for you and your family.

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