Having created the blueprint for your home – a series of design and engineering documents that outline architectural style, layout, detailing, materials, technical fittings and construction methods – we proceed to the realisation of the project.

This part involves the physical construction of your home, the stage at which it begins to take shape before your eyes. Working to the specifications set and approved by you, and adhering rigorously to the budgets and deadlines set, we begin to coordinate the many levels that form part of a construction project.

This includes not only a core team of engineers, technicians, builders and architects assembled and managed by us, but also other tradesmen and technical professionals, and ensuring that all these varied people work together in an efficient and effective way requires a great deal of knowledge and experience.

FM Properties Realty Group has this expertise and experience, along with a body of professional partners and suppliers that we recommend to our clients. They broaden the range of options available to homeowners and builder alike, while our long established reputation and buying power also make it possible for us to obtain favourable prices and conditions that we pass straight on to our clients.

Such suppliers do not want to lose the custom and endorsement of one of this region’s leading developers, so they work to our strict requirements both in terms of quality and time management. In this we keep an eye on price and quality, looking always to optimise the value for money we can provide.

Broken down into recognisable stages, each with its own deadlines and targets, the construction process incorporates a quality control and reporting system that enables us to deal with any issues at source and to offer you the client update reports from the start of construction to the completion of the work.

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