FM Properties Realty Group is a company with extensive experience in both property sales and real estate development, so we know how to design and deliver first-class homes with all the amenities our discriminating clients desire.

Our ”Tailor Made Homes” division was created to provide a focused level of service that oversees the entire home-building process from its initial concept to the day of completion.

This comprehensive service provides not only the basic elements, such as site selection and acquisition, title searches, zoning compliance and all the required permits, but also complete and very detailed architectural drawings, material selection, construction specifications, landscaping plans and even interior design.

Although our “Tailor Made Homes” programme is comprehensive, it is also modular. This enables you to partner with FM Properties Realty Group in only those areas you select – thereby giving you complete control over the construction of your new home.

The industry professionals at FM Properties Realty Group include architects, engineers, technicians, project managers and interior designers. Their intense attention to detail ensures an on-time, on-schedule delivery of your very-custom property.

Tailor Made Homes … Build your home with trusted professionals

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