Marketing – or, the ability to sell your property

Naturally the ability to sell your property depends first and foremost on its intrinsic appeal and whether or not it is priced properly – that is, according to prevailing market values – but once these conditions have been satisfied it is important work with an agent that has the know-how and resources to market your property effectively.

The chances of selling your property within a reasonable timeframe therefore depend upon the property’s own characteristics, the state of the economy and real estate market, and the effectiveness of the agent (or agents) you have chosen to represent you.

With so many real estate agencies active in the market these days, how do you know which company to choose? The first things to look at are the track record and reputation of a company. If the firm in question has a strong reputation for quality and service built up over many years you will know that you are in good hands ethically.

Next you will want an agency that can deliver results, so find out about their success rate, as reflected by their track record, and ensure that the people you entrust to sell your home are not only tried and tested professionals, but also well-versed in the marketing of properties – from producing quality promotional and presentation material to effective online marketing strategies and a sound understanding of the real estate market and its cycles.

FM Properties Realty Group – your effective real estate partner

Having successfully marketed and sold almost 2,000 properties, FM Properties Realty Group has a track record that stretches back almost 25 years. Over this time we have established a name as one of the most highly respected real estate companies on the Costa del Sol – known for an ethical approach to the business, quality in everything we do and a service-driven philosophy that focuses on producing results.

We are specialists in:

  • Providing honest and authoritative valuations based on technical and market inputs
  • Advising you on how best to prepare your home for sale
  • How to market your property successfully

In addition to working with networks of real estate agents locally and abroad, we also create:

  • Quality marketing material
  • Comprehensive property dossiers
  • For sale signage
  • Print advertising, both nationally and internationally
  • Promotions on international real estate platforms
  • Open houses and agent tours
  • E-flyers and newsletters sent to agents and potential clients
  • Online virtual tours
  • A strong online presence, with a powerful website that ranks highly, is easy to use, has great search functionality and is full of useful information
  • An active online marketing strategy including amongst others SEO, blogs and social media

These are just the main tools used by professional agents such as FM Properties Realty Group, which has the expertise and resources to ensure your home is marketed to the largest possible audience of potential buyers suited to your property type and price range.

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