A commodity as valuable and important as a property cannot be presented for sale without due preparation. You would normally wash and clean a second hand car before offering it for sale and take attractive photos of the result, so with a home – be it a villa, a penthouse or an apartment – you need to do at least the same.

We have experienced experts who know just how people can be put off by a perfectly good property they might well have been interested in, or alternatively how to present a house in such a way that it says all the right things to potential buyers.

The first step is to ensure the house is clean and tidy, not just inside but also with neat terraces and a well-trimmed garden. At this point you may want to unclutter your home a little; removing the many things we collect along the way and presenting the property in a slightly more minimalist, contemporary way that allows people to envisage themselves in the property.

This is furthered by avoiding overly bright colours or unusual decorative details and furnishing. Remember it is as broad a range of buyers as possible that we want to appeal to, so it might be a good idea to paint the house in warm but neutral colours, de-clutter and add subtle little touches such as fresh flowers.

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