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FM Properties Realty Group provides a wide range of property services that range from sourcing land and obtaining the required planning permits all the way to project development, delivery, marketing and sales – and beyond to the management of the properties in question.

Within this, our real estate agency, FM Properties Realty Group, offers a specialised service that focuses on marketing, sales and holiday rentals. This means we not only help our clients to find their dream holiday home, full-time residence or optimal investment opportunity, but also provide full assistance throughout the purchasing process – helping you from the point of negotiation and due diligence to arranging financing, completion before the notary and post-sale services and references.

The latter include home styling and decoration services, as well as referring homebuyers to a selection of respected professionals such as lawyers, accountants, architects, decorators and landscapers.

Homeowners are given the same care and dedication in a process that starts with a thorough valuation, carried out by experienced specialists. The sales price they propose will naturally leave room for negotiation between vendor and prospective buyer, but be based upon a sensible market valuation aimed at successfully marketing your home and selling it within a reasonable period of time.

The service offered to homeowners also comprises home styling advice, professional photography and description that form the basis for quality promotional material, a complete dossier with legally required information on the property, and ultimately an effective marketing system that is the product of our many years of experience in selling properties to an international market.

Investors will often have different needs when looking for real estate assets, and for them FM Properties Realty Group provides a comprehensive and highly specialised range of services that speak their language and build upon the authoritative know-how, research capabilities and experience of a company that has been engaged in this field for many years – from land sourcing and feasibility studies to licensing, project design and construction.

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