As experienced investors know, the value of a piece of land lies not just in its intrinsic qualities, location and access, but also in the obtaining of planning permission and the stipulations contained therein.

In real estate terms, therefore, the greatest value lies in the nature of the project that can be developed on the land, so when sourcing land on behalf of our clients we always carry out due diligence, checking the legal, financial and fiscal status of the property in question, as well as whether there is a planning permit in place or the likelihood of obtaining one.

If a project can be proceeded with, we will also study technical aspects such as geological surveys and construction costs. This information, taken together with planning guidelines and the market the properties are aimed at, forms an important part of the design process that will eventually define the nature, size, scope and architectural styling of the residential, commercial or resort project to be developed.

Once such a design concept is in place it is submitted to the local planning authorities for approval. In this process we take care of the liaison with the different municipal, state and technical departments with a view to obtaining full and clear building licences that comply with all zoning, technical standards and environmental requirements – not to mention the commercial requirements of our clients.

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